ICT Career Camp by Govt. of Bangladesh

ICT Career Camp by Govt. of Bangladesh

ICT Career Camp 2016 -2017

Portal, Database & Digital Promotions Report

Prepared by

Digital Solutions & Marketing Division

Interspeed Advertising Ltd.

June 2017


ICT Career Camp is a program through which BCC’s LICT project will sensitize youth on the need of IT/ITES knowledge in their career and will also collect interested students information/database to provide them training and make them ready to take the challenges of vision 2021 of Digital Bangladesh. Digital Solutions & Marketing division of Interspeed has been given the responsibility to build awareness through digital campaigns and to build, maintain and operate an easy to use registration system and database of students who registered through countrywide activation or web.


  1. To build a system which will enable students to register online easily
  2. To build a system to collect data efficiently and accurately with events and activations
  3. To maintain, secure database of ICT Camp users
  4. To build awareness through digital promotion about ICT Career Camp, it’s events and activities, and to motivate target group to register.
  5. To drive traffic to web portal for registration.

ICT Career camp digital activities at a glance

Duration: February 2016 to May 2017

Digital Activities:

  1. Portal ictcareercamp.com with online registration, verification process, event participation process, online quiz. Related activities included database maintenance, security and encryption, automated backup process, server hosting and maintenance, redundancy server, scaling for high traffic, server uptime monitoring etc.
  2. Facebook page facebook.com/ictcareercamp with page management, content generation including copy/caption/visuals/videos etc. and posting as per content plan, pre-event and post-event/activations updates, gallery, curated contents etc.
  3. Comprehensive online support with Facebook messaging, comments reply, query management.
  4. Digital strategy, planning, target audience creation, promotion n in social media channels to build awareness, engage users and to persuade users to register.
  5. Use of in-house app and real-time monitoring tools to support campus activations, events and to monitor and validate accumulated data.


Social Media:

Social media has been used extensively in ICT Career Camp Project where Facebook being the key platform to build awareness, drive traffic to website for registration and online support. A dedicated Facebook page created for ICT Career Camp www.facebook.com/ictcareercamp, which has Approximately 170,000 page likes and had approximately 3 Million engagements and over 1 million views for TVC video. Apart from Facebook, other platforms utilized such as youtube, instagram, Facebook audience network, web banners etc.

Facebook (Apr-2016 – June-2017)

The report is based on the communication has been made throughout the time period (Apr-2016 – June-2017) via ICT Career Camp Facebook Page.

ICT Career Camp Facebook Total Overview:

Duration Page Likes Total Post Count Lifetime Post Total Reach Lifetime Post Organic reach Lifetime Post Paid Reach Lifetime Post Total Impressions Lifetime Post Organic Impressions Lifetime Post Paid Impressions Lifetime Engaged Users
April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 170,000 544 21,586,638














* Based on the Page, post and video data exported from Facebook as attached.

ICT Career Camp Facebook Quarterwise breakdown:

Duration Lifetime Post Total Reach Lifetime Post Organic reach Lifetime Post Paid Reach Lifetime Post Total Impressions Lifetime Post Organic Impressions Lifetime Post Paid Impressions Lifetime Engaged Users/ Video Views 3 seconds
1st Quarter April 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016 10,170,319 1,568,190 6,071,167 17,713,889 4,537,858 13,176,031 2,152,928
2nd Quarter July 1, 2016 – Sep 30, 2016 4,680,547 9,724,222 3,735,005 5,882,294 2,064,861 3,817,433 330,542
3rd Quarter Oct 1, 2016-Dec 31, 2016 1,884,718 1,094,906 754,637 3,396,392 2,577,072 819,320 141,948
4th Quarter Jan 1, 2017 – Mar 31, 2017 4,019,773 1,015,994 2,670,241 6,237,290 2,476,054 3,761,236 314,687
5th Quarter Apr 1, 2017 – May 29, 2017 831,281 621,838 198,810 1,361,526 1,150,755 210,771 57,320
Total 21,586,638 14,025,150 13,429,860 34,591,391 12,806,600 21,784,791 2,997,425



ICT Career Camp Video:

The ICT Career Camp TVC video has been promoted in Facebook to build awareness and to drive users for registration. It had approximately 1.1 Million views, 1.8 million reach, 4.3K shares, 32K likes, 1K comments. Apart from this, teaser videos and YouTube video also been promoted. Below is the Facebook Video screenshot:


Query Management:

For support, Facebook Messenger link http://m.me/ictcareercamp has been used in Facebook promotion and website as most of the target group have Facebook accounts. Two dedicated resources for query management took care of thousands of messages & comments related to registration, ICT career camp events, trainings etc. Messages flags have been used to follow up messages.

Web Banners:
Web banners promotion has been done with Bikroy.com, G&R, Google Display Network to call for registration.


Facebook events created for each district level events and promoted to target audience in those localities.

Event Galleries:

Separate album created for each event and they are well organised and documented in Facebook Photos.


Strategy & Planning:

Based on objective different strategies adopted to promote ICT Career Camp in digital space. For example different audience targeted for building awareness and to get users signed up in ICT career camp portal. For events and TVC promotion again different target audience targeted. Over the year engagement was high, and as right audience reached, the organic reach was high as well. Ads were optimized and A/B testing done so that the best cost per engagement can be achieved.

Content strategy included call for action for registration, event schedules and awareness to related audience, informative curated contents, pre-event and post event posts, instant live uploads and many more.





Web Portal

ICT career camp web portal has been built to capture student data from activation and web. The site has been promoted in all communications. Apart from easy to use registration system the portal has a powerful monitoring tool, online quiz system, email verification & status system, event participation QR codes and more.


Website Traffic:

ICT Career Camp Registration Overview

Total verified Registration

Registration through Activation and App

Web Registration


Online Quiz:

A full fledged automated online quiz module has been built for registered participants. The quiz system is time bound and 10 questions asked randomly from a pool of 100s of questions. Quiz results are displayed district wise in admin panel. On each event prizes have been distributed among winners.


Server & Security:

A dedicated high configuration VPS has been used for ICT Career Camp Server. SSL has been used for encryption of data along with other security measures like firewall. Automated backup system has been put in place to safeguard data. Also a redundant server is running in case of failure.


Data Collection App

An android mobile app has been built to collect data from remote region. The app was used by activation team all throughout the project to collect data from campus activations and events. The app has easy data input options, direct sync with server, offline data collection, location tracking and more.